5 Reasons to Switch to Solid Shampoo

For many of us, washing our hair and liquid shampoos simply go hand-in-hand. Using a solid bar for hair-washing was, until recently, almost unheard of. Almost everyone has the ubiquitous bottles of shampoo and conditioner adorning their bathrooms - but did we ever stop to consider that liquid soap is by no means the only way to wash our hair?

Liquid shampoo has been little more than a marketing gimmick - a way that brands could readily identify their product as unique, and containing special properties that make your hair all manner of wonderful adjectives, such as 'bouncy', 'shiny' and manageable. Most of the differences in liquid shampoos only come down to packaging, colour and fragrance.

Here are 5 reasons that solid shampoo is the best way to go!

  1. Solid shampoo often doesn't require the use of additional conditioner. Depending on the ingredients in the shampoo, hair is left soft and detangled after washing with a solid bar.
  2. Liquid shampoo is almost always packaged in plastic. If you add conditioner that's two plastic bottles - for most people the average sized bottle lasts around one month with daily washing. That's potentially 24 plastic bottles saved every year simply by switching to solid shampoo!
  3. Solid shampoo is easily portable and simple to travel with. No mess, no leakage, no concerns about liquids in carry-on bags. Save space, weight and mess with a solid bar.
  4. Eko Savon solid shampoo bars do not contain any SLS or other drying surfactants - only plant oils that have undergone the saponification process.
  5. No strong artificial colours and perfumes. Eko Savon solid shampoo bars are fragranced only by base and essential oils used during production. For people sensitive to strong fragrances, this is a good alternative.