Natural + Waste-Free Cleaning Products Workshop with Scott's Apothecary

Natural + Waste-Free Cleaning Products Workshop with Scott's Apothecary

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Are you looking to switch to natural and waste-free alternatives to conventional household cleaning products, but not sure where to start? Then this workshop is for you! Alice Scott from London-based Scott's Apothecary will show you how a few simple ingredients and items can be transformed into a number of effective household cleaners for your kitchen, bathroom and beyond.

In this workshop we will cover

  • The benefits of switching to natural alternatives to household cleaners
  • The basic equipment and ingredients needed, and where to find them in Hong Kong

Participants will make the following to take home:

  • Natural washing powder - 1 jar (approx 60 washes)
  • Natural fabric softener - 1 bottle
  • Natural all-purpose cleaner - includes 500ml glass trigger spray bottle (plus we will show you a great trick for up-cycling existing bottles!) 
  • An extra bonus - make your own natural bug spray in preparation for those pesky Hong Kong mozzies and biting midges this summer!
  • A recipe pack to get started at home

In addition, we will discuss and demonstrate other alternatives to common household products such as dryer sheets, toilet cleaners, dishwashing detergent, mould killers and hand sanitisers.