About Us

Eko Savon was founded by Kate Mercurio, a resident of Hong Kong for 11 years. Kate is an avid hiker and beachgoer, and witnessed first-hand the destruction that our culture of single-use plastic was having on the beautiful natural environment of Hong Kong.

Recognising that many people are waking up to the problems that our disposable culture is creating, as well as the potentially toxic ingredients in many of our skincare products, she set about to create products that would address both of these issues.  

Thus Eko Savon was born. Our mission is to create products with minimal packaging while using only simple ingredients. We reject synthetic colouring, fragrances, detergents and preservatives. In addition, we don't use palm oil or tallow (animal fats) to make our products.

All our products are created via the old-fashioned cold process method where fats, such as oils and butters, are transformed into solid soaps. This method is more labour intensive than commercial soap production, but creates a far superior product!